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Clip Can Inguiry

Small Glass Clip Jar is idea storage solution for small items. It’s perfect for use in the kitchen for spices and dried ingredients thanks to its airtight rubber seal. This versatile glass jar can also be used for around the home for sewing essentials and toiletries or fill with bath salts or confectionery for perfect gits.

Freature: Clip

Clip Material: Iron or Stainless Steel

Sealing: Rubber or Silicone

Assembly: Yes

All these items are Food Grade.

BPA free!

Item Volume (ml) Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Weight(g)
CJC70 70 44 73 120
CJCH120 120 55 85 135
CJCR120 120 59 62 200
CJCS100 100 52 66 130